Opportunity available to serve as Music Director/Worship Leader at Lions of the Valley Ministries.

We are a digital church that gather around the messages in groups physically/digitally. Our vision is that this ministry and everyone connected will bring glory, honor and thanks to Him who is seated on the throne forever.

The position is for someone who:

  1. has a call of God on their lives.
  2. Believe that God wants them to join and serve as a member of Lions of the Valley Ministries.
  3. Has a word for a NEW SOUND in their hearts.
  4. Will not be dependent on Lions of the Valley for a salary for the first 12 months or until we are established.
  5. Loves God and spends time with Him.
  6. Reside anywhere in the world
  7. Have access to good-quality internet

How to apply:

If you feel The Leading of the Holy Spirit to serve in this capacity, please write a short resume confirming why you feel God is leading you to become part of our team and ministry accompanied with some examples of your work/portfolio.

Email your resume and portfolio to info@lionsofthevalley.com

Open until end of July 2020.