Introducing Danielle Alho – head of Children’s Ministry at Lions of the Valley.

“I’m a mom of 3 amazing and very cool kids, Miguel, Gabriel and Eliana and a wife to an awesome husband, Ricardo.

All my life I’ve had a distinct yearning and heart for working with children, the elderly and those that have been broken by life and its many obstacles. After school, I studied for a bachelor of education and eventually completed it a few years ago just before my daughter was born. I always knew that I enjoyed working with children, but I was never exactly sure of how, when and where it would come about.

A few weeks ago I had an informal chat with a friend where we were talking about all of this and how one day I would really just love to get involved somewhere in some way… little did I know that the very next day an opportunity would present itself when Grant approached me about the role as head of Children’s Ministry with LOTV. I immediately knew that this was no coincidence and that this is what God has been preparing for me all along.

I love young children, their joy, their eagerness to learn new things and just the special place God has for them in His heart.

I believe the same Holy Spirit that abides in you and I as adults, abides in these young ones and if we train them and lead them in God’s ways right from the start, the Lord reassures us as seen in Prov 22:6 that if we train up a child in the way he should go that when he grows up he will not depart from it and we will raise a generation that will be mighty young warriors for the Kingdom of God. Firm in their identity of Christ.

My prayer over every child that may come into LOTV kids ministry is Jeremiah 17:7-8. May our kids produce fruit that is always pleasing to God and may they grow to be God-fearing men and women that lead future generations into the Kingdom of heaven.


0 – 2 Valley Paws

3 – 5 Valley Cubs

6 – 10 Valley Kids

+11 to join the main church service